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Quest for the Empty Nest

Gone are the days of raising your brood and sending them out into the world. The current economic times require that the “empty nest” be revisited, reorganized, and reinvented. In my anticipation of sending my youngest off  to college, I eagerly dreamed of what life would be like for my husband and I to have the house to ourselves.  No more piles of  laundry, dishes, or clutter. A peaceful silence would fall upon our home, but as my luck would have it as one moved out another one moved in….

No matter what parents say …..we all envision the day we retake our domain as well as the couch and the remote. But as this day approached I found myself wondering how I would handle not being a full-time Mom, a job that had defined who I was for basically my whole adult life. Scary and unchartered territory for me. Who am I? What do I do with the rest of my life? My need to be needed still intact ,( a trait instilled in me from my father) I now had to actually think about what I wanted,what a foreign concept. To top it all off  I was in the midst of a mid-life career change, making this transitional time all the more exciting and frightening.

Technically the nest was never “empty” literally one moved out and one moved in within mere hours of one another. So was this some divine intervention, a cruel joke, or maybe I wasn’t ready to relinquish my role as a Mom. Whatever cosmic forces were at play I am grateful.  I never thought I would be so happy to see an extra pair of shoes in my hallway.  The empty nest can wait, having the opportunity to get to know one of my children as an adult is gratifying to say the least. So this is my new “chapter”  and I am enjoying every minute of this new read!

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