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OMG, WTF, Did You Hear About My BFF? SMH….LOL

What in the world is happening to the English language?
Now I admit I am a fan of all the Social Media out there. Facebook has been a great way to  connect with old friends and it makes it so easy to keep up with all the hustle and bustle in everyone’s life. Twitter….still trying to get into that but I love reading tweets from celebs about their daily routines  no matter how mundane they make me feel like my life is not so pathetic. But, inserting these abbreviations for words about your emotions are driving me insane. They are ….how should I say this, cheap, fake, over used, and oh yeah annoying!!

If I see LOL one more time!  Now I understand we are all in a hurry, I get it, but are you really laughing out loud? Are you really shaking your head? Are we supposed to picture you doing this as we are reading your post?  There is something to be said for the written word. When I write something it’s almost like therapy, getting my feelings on paper validates my thought, it helps me to sort through my emotions. These short cuts are stunting the growth of our brains, not to mention taking away our uniqueness.

I admit, I will use some abbreviations while sending a text…guilty, and I will insert the tried and true Ha Ha when appropriate. I do however take pride in the fact that I can spell and articulate a complete thought, had to turn off my auto correct on my phone though. (Now those where some funny text! ) These little quirky fake words are doing to our society what calculators did, making us not think for ourselves, taking away our personalities, individualism, our original thoughts.

Be a rebel, think for yourself !


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