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As Thanksgiving came to a close and the hustle to transform my home from Fall to Christmas set in I realized how easy it is to forget what the season is all about.

Kids came home from college, family visited for Thanksgiving dinner, turkeys were cooked , pies were baked.  My big empty house came to life for a short vibrant minute.  Even with the holiday turning into more of a school reunion for the kids, the house was more of a revolving door, a place for a quick shower and then off to reconnect with their not so distant past, it still made the house feel full …..of laundry anyway.

Sunday came too quickly, kids were on the way back to there lives without me.  The house seemed to sigh as I did, another holiday in the books.  So I put away the dishes, the chairs, the leftovers, packed away the Fall season in boxes, the pumpkins, gourds and  unfolded my paper tissue turkeys that I bought this year in a moment of nostalgia.  I pulled out the endless throngs of Christmas boxes and began my yearly transition to holiday splendor, somewhere between where to place yet another Snowman dish and of course a string of lights that wouldn’t light, I realized none of this really matters.  I made a vow to myself to relax this season and enjoy the time I have with friends and family, to be thankful and just BE in the moment.  I was reminded of a lost friend this year and how her small children and husband face this season alone, somehow my quandary of where to put everything seemed trivial.  So as I celebrate the holidays this year I will remember those I’ve lost, and honor them by not wasting a single minute of time getting things just right, memories made no matter how imperfect are the treasures we leave behind.

My collection of trees and vintage ornaments still find there place  but the fiber optic Santa’s and Dickens houses stay quietly tucked in their boxes under the stairs awaiting their fate, a yard sale, Ebay?  I don’t know, I don’t have the heart to let them go just yet. I have replaced the sentimental crap shall I say with Poinsettia and some simple greenery, each year I let go a little more of the trappings that make the holidays so stressful, instead of days decorating this year it only took one.   The older I get the more simplistic I become, my once cluttered life has been slowly transforming over time into a “less is best” approach.

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