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Bucket List?

Have you ever thought about this?  Do you have one?  
The older I get the more I seem to ponder my mortality, not in a dreadful way more of a “Am I really living’?  kind of way.  Have I done all the things that I’ve always wanted to do?  The answer is NO!  I have been going through the motions of life, working, raising kids, all of the things that are expected and quite necessary.  So as middle age has crept up on me and life’s responsibilities are no longer in my face shall I say I have had more time to just…..think, and analyze my life.

 So in wanders the “Bucket List”…. It slowly sauntered into my mind recently, not a big bucket just a pail really.  It sits on the outskirts teetering a bit taunting me , daring me to officially fill it, not just a fleeting thought of what I might like to do but actually saying out loud “I want to do this before I die” .  Filling it requires some expectations on my part, added pressure to actually follow through on these little self-indulgent pleasures.  So, I am mindful…  not to fill this bucket with grandiose thoughts of things that are out of reach, I  started small.

Drinks POV

On a whim a few weeks ago I entered a lottery for tickets to the National tree lighting in Washington.  Lucky me I won two standing room only tickets, (this was in the bucket list category of doing local things I’ve never done before).  Small goal but attainable, so off we went, my husband and I got a great tip on a rooftop restaurant with a great view, the POV in the W Hotel overlooking the Whitehouse and National Monument.  We had a great lunch , a few drinks then ventured out on the streets for some minimal sightseeing.  We stopped at Ebbitt’s Grill where my husband  was delighted to sample oysters from all over, I decided sampling some wine was much more enjoyable!  Then we made our way to see the tree lighting, listened to some great entertainment,( notice I said “listened”) , the SRO seats meant standing around listening to babies cry and people discussing their office politics of the day but not really seeing the stage.  The tree itself was much smaller than last years and our view wasn’t great but we can say we were at the first lighting of this new National Tree,( the last tree was destroyed in a storm).  Yes, this may be baby steps in the realm of achieving goals but I figured I had to start somewhere and close to home seemed a good place to start.

So I will continue to add to my list and possibly push the envelope down the road to include some things that may not come so easily.  Life is full of wonder so I’ve heard and anxiously awaiting me.. hopefully my bucket will runneth over …….

New National Tree


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