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Twas The Night….

Twas the night before Christmas….

The gifts are all wrapped, the cookies are baked, the stockings are hung, anticipation awaits.

This year more than any other I appreciate the tiny moments the Holidays bring.  After this year of trials and losses both personal and monetary I realize more now than ever we are only given but a speck of time on this Earth.  All the worrying and sleepless nights don’t relieve the endless pressures we heap upon our shoulders.

They say the only true thing you can count on is change….and boy has this been a year of change for me.  My name no longer hangs above Main Street for all the world to see, our little corner of the world anyway, but it now hangs in our game room adorned with christmas lights where we keep our family triumphs, our trophies, our recognition that we lived.  Such a bittersweet memento of a lifetime for me, but also a symbol of accomplishment, the ending of a chapter and the hope to start a new one.

My name in lights.

So as this year comes to a close I reflect on those I’ve lost and look forward to things to come.  A new career at hand for me and children starting to write their own ways in life will bring change to all of us this coming year.  Unchartered waters sometimes run deep but the journey itself is what matters, the handling of the rough seas gives us strength and wisdom to carry us through.

This holiday I plan to slow it down, relax, enjoy my family and friends.  Time passes so quickly, fleeting moments race through our lives never to be had again so hold onto them, cherish them, embrace all that is given.

Merry Christmas friends, family old and new, may this New Year bring peace and prosperity to your home and loved ones and may you take the time to linger in a conversation just a little longer, laugh a little louder, and live in the tiniest of moments…..

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