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Resolve To Resolute!

That time of year again…. the time we feel the pressure to come up with some worthy, sometimes unattainable goals to heap upon ourselves.  Not sure why I fall under the omen every year of coming up with something to change about myself.  There’s always the old stand bys…lose weight, eat healthier, read more, but me being on this new bout to find the “true meaning of my middle-aged life” wanted to give this annual torture ritual a little more thought this year.

So here we go, as I started the melancholy job of taking down Christmas decorations today I was overcome with a ridiculous urge to think of some resolutions I could implement a month at a time.  My thought process on this is that a year from now I will be a more well-rounded individual.  Insert laugh here.  Now I know you are thinking to yourself  why in the world would I subject myself to this when I can’t even follow through on one resolution.  Fair assumption, but here’s my goal.  I am planning on the first of every month  to come up with something I can improve on.  It may be as simple as learning something new or improving some aspect of my life.

Late Bloomer

My easy one for next November will be to plant my Amaryllis bulb sooner so it will actually bloom for Christmas instead of looking like this almost x-rated display I have sitting on my table………..

See I don’t plan on setting the bar too high every month.  I don’t have it all planned out just yet but I have some ideas swirling around.  I know I have things I’ve always wanted to do, a photography class, to garden more often, and yes all the typical resolutions to lead us to a better healthier life so I plan on incorporating these into my monthly self-improvement project.  I feel like if I narrow these resolutions down to specific monthly tasks that they will take on a more personal doable endeavor for me.

What better way to track my progress or defeat than to use this platform to journal my attempt.  This Blog has become a diary of sorts for me, even if no one reads it but me getting my thoughts in black & white is very therapeutic.  It will be interesting to see where I am this time next year, hopefully with twelve months of little triumphs under my belt.  Crap, I will take six months of little triumphs and six months of “I gave it a shot”!

So, I have a few days to ponder my January resolution, I will give this much thought and let you know what I decide.

Here’s hoping this holiday season brought lots of  smiles to your faces, and may this New Year bring a renewed zest for life and living to our fullest potential!

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