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A Collective Sigh…..

As I entered my house last night after returning my youngest to college, my house and I seemed to sigh in unison.  If you have read any of my blogs you will know that my husband and I have been teetering on the threshold of being….. dare I say it…..uugghh…EMPTY NESTERS….phew.

Well, this weekend my oldest who had been gracing us with his presence for the last few months has reached his parental limit and moved out to less…shall we say greener more youthful pastures, and the close of the holidays found the rest of our clan redistributed back to their quest for independence leaving us alone.  Now I struggle with the urge to shout this from the rooftops or somberly whisper this tidbit of monumental information to myself in hopes that I don’t jinx it!

In my last post in my “Opratha” moment (a combined wealth of self-improvement hysteria Oprah-Martha Stewart) where I declared I would inspire to try to improve on one thing every month this year instead of one mere resolution, I have decided to use this transitional time to “de-clutter” my existence including my home.  So I will use January to reorganize,regroup,redefine the way we live. This will take more than a month mind you so this will be a work in progress.

I’m thinking this will be free therapy, what better way to move myself into this new dimension than to purge this meaningless collection of stuff we have accumulated over the years and reclaim our home  (god knows professional therapy would buy the local shrink a new Porsche).  

I will start with the kids rooms, transitioning them from childhood to a more mature living space for when they visit.  No matter the content of the rooms the walls still hold the laughter, tears and yes screams that have resonated here for the past seventeen years.

So as we have had our “collective sigh” I plan on moving forward with a little less traffic here but looking forward to the slower lane, the house itself will enjoy the breather but will embrace all who return with a refreshed revamped welcoming wings.

Check back for some before & after pics!

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