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Disney Trip

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A few weeks ago my Sister in law, Brother in law, Husband and a few friends had a wonderful time at the Disney Marathon weekend.  I am not a runner mind you, but compelled by the cause I signed on for the 5K . This being my first ever run of any kind was a bit nervous, I was running with a group that has done this a few times. Lucky for me there were so many people you could barely do a fast walk which suited me just fine. We did finish in under an hour and was a great experience.  My husband ran two days later in the full marathon, he has run four marathons including this one (I could not stand to be stuck with nothing but my own thoughts for over four and a half hours), he has done Baltimore twice, New York and lastly Disney. I so admire his dedication, the training takes months and is grueling during the summer . If you are familiar with May on the Eastern Shore you are aware of the “May Flies, Sheep Flies,Strawberry Flies” whatever your name for them, well I tell ya you get quite the workout swatting those suckers while you run. Watching him run with a halo of biting flies I must admit gives me a little pleasure! Anyway it takes dedication, the kind I lack. To give you a little background on how this all started, our Nephew Bennett was taken from us suddenly almost three years ago in a car accident. After the accident he spent a week at Shock Trauma in Baltimore before losing a hard-fought battle to come back to us. His parents (my Sister & Brother in law) kept a courageous bedside vigil for those eight heartbreaking days only leaving for a few hours at night to get some sleep. They were put in contact with the Ronald McDonald House (www.rmhcbaltimore.org) which houses families of children who are in local hospitals, they give them a place to stay along with support services. This became their home away from home, and took some of the stress off their shoulders at that unbelievable time. This past year Jens Gems (www.jensgemsrunning.com) which raises money for Ronald McDonald house has been running in Bennett’s memory.  Jens Gems hosted our group at the Disney Marathon weekend and graciously invited us to a great dinner at Epcot and tickets to watch the light show after , this was sponsored by the owners of our local McDonald’s in Easton, so big shout out to them! Thank You! Such a bittersweet weekend for all of us, but I have never known such brave, gracious, generous people who give of their time so willingly to help others. Jen and her running group are 5th in the nation in donations to Ronald McDonald house, this includes even large corporations. So the next time you have a chance to support this group please do, you never know when you or someone close to you will benefit from what they do.

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