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Do You Ever……

Do you ever remember yourself in those empty closed businesses you pass, the video store, an old favorite restaurant, a gift shop?  As I was driving yesterday it became sadly apparent to me all the places I use to go that are now standing vacant waiting for a new generation of people to dream new life into them.  A sign of the times I suppose, the economy or the advancement of new technology that makes some things obsolete whatever the reason these empty monuments stand as reminders of our past.  Parking lots full of cars are now replaced with a “For Sale” sign and overgrown landscaping.  As I see the numerous chain restaurants popping up on our local highway I feel somewhat sorry for the empty buildings that grace the downtown area being snubbed for the draw of the high traffic areas sought out by big business.

Next time you have the chance… shop the small town, buy a coffee from the little coffee shop, support someones entrepreneurial dream……

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