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Willey Road Send Off!

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Friends, Family, Neighbors, ascended from near and far this past weekend to bid fair the well to my oldest who is once again setting his sights on the west coast! To send him off in Willey Road style we had a Nerd send off party. With a tech savvy theme all were dressed in the best nerd attire some with a  Trekky vibe. I was so impressed with how everyone ran with the idea, I almost believe some were wishing they could dress like this all the time, feeling very comfortable in their new skin!

Here on Willey Road we live and breathe the community milestones, many of us have raised our children together, celebrated birthdays, weddings, graduations and sadly mourned our losses, but we have done it together.  The saying “It Takes a Village” is alive and well here on our little cul-de-sac. All who have lived here seem to find their way back home eventually if only for a little while.

So off you go Nick….God speed , we know you will take Willey Road with you in your travels…..

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