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Read The Labels!

After getting my lab results ….

I know we don’t like trudging to the Doctor’s office for our yearly poking and prodding but it is very important people! My yearly appointment always seems to become a stressful time for me, talk about White Coat Syndrome, I always have to wait in the Dr.’s office after my appointment for my BP to reach an acceptable level for them to release me back into the wild without feeling some sort of responsibility for me.

I have become very aware over the past few years how early detection of pretty much anything is a lot more manageable. Sometimes we tend to think if we ignore or live in denial that somehow we will never have to deal with things. WRONG!!  Anyway…. I get my lab results while I am at work yesterday and I pull it up on my computer (love technology) and someone I work with comes from a medical background happened to walk by, so I ask “Why are most of the numbers in red”? Ummm because they are “ALL OUT OF RANGE” she didn’t yell it really, just a little more of a wake up and smell the coffee tone.  Ok so I am over weight, my cholesterol high, my BP is high and I am in desperate need of some Vitamin D, all things I can control right? Then what am I doing? Unfortunately the only result in range was my Hormones, which I was really hoping were out of whack so I could use that to blame all my other issues on.

You know that Serenity Prayer “Accept the things you can not change, the courage to change the things you can, wisdom to know the difference” yadayadayada…. well wisdom is a strange bedfellow sometimes…very illusive….

I really have been making an effort recently to live a healthier lifestyle, reading labels and researching what is actually good for you and what is disguising as healthy is not always easy to figure out.

Case in point: Peanut Butter, I am attaching a link from a local Zumba Instructor/Personal Trainer who recently blogged about this subject, she explains it easily enough for even me to understand…


I imagine we can apply this to lots of foods on the market, less ingredients the better! I am loving this early Spring in hopes it will produce a quick bounty of veggies in my garden.

Lessons….. get your physicals….and have the courage to change what lies in your control…

Off to my Mammogram….my Boobs are stressing just thinking about it …  🙂

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