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Shame on you Matt Lauer

I usually steer clear of commenting on Current Events, Politics and Religion but I just can’t help myself today, I must rant! Did anyone happen to see the #Matt Lauer #Christie Brinkley interview on the Today Show this morning? Here I am expecting this to be another feel good uneventful interview and holy cow Matt went off the deep end. What in the world did this woman do to him? I completely understand that when you agree to go on a Talk Show you are putting yourself out there for shall we say uneasy questioning but this was an all out assault on this woman. Not only could she hardly get a word in edge wise Matt all but called her a horrible Mother. Shame on you Christie for wanting a career and life, shame on you for trying to deal with your fruitcake of an Ex in the broken court system, shame on you for divorcing your POS cheating husband! Come on Matt, she is not a criminal, not a politician….I am thinking she was feeling a bit like you did in the Tom Cruise interview a few years back. To ice the cake Hoda & Kathie Lee defended his remarks by saying Christie could use some counseling in forgiveness! Sad day for the Today Show, even if you are not a fan of hers it was uncomfortable to watch. The Today Show likes to do segments on bullying? I hope Matt Lauer’s wife schools her husband tonight. Speaking from experience, no one knows better than me  the catastrophic horror that a controlling narcissist can cause and the extent of the frustration of trying to take the high road putting you and your children’s welfare in the hands of a court system so ridiculously broken. Christie’s ex husband banks on the ignorance of people like Matt Lauer.

Here’s the link if anyone would like to watch.


One thought on “Shame on you Matt Lauer

  1. Just to follow up, Matt Lauer did not address the backlash of viewers. The Today Show’s answer was to put Peter Cook on this morning to argue his cause….Matt did not do the interview. Shame on the Today Show, poor judgement.

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