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40-ISH Insights

When I look back on my childhood there isn’t a treasure trove of memories that flood my mind, only small tidbits that at the time seemed unworthy to take up prime real estate in the recollection part of my brain. For some reason today I was reminded of these little clips of my past that have somehow defined who I am. The small insignificant moments that somehow chartered our course, sometimes leading us to better things and sometimes altering our destiny. Just an innocent comment made in jest, a misconstrued action by someone you held in high regard can ultimately define how we live our lives. This made me wonder……. I am sure the little things that stand out in my past that effected me somehow don’t show up on the originator’s radar, but have I ever said or did something that has given pause to someone else’s life course? I hope not in a bad way, it did make me very aware that we must be more thoughtful of the content we put forth to one another.

On Another Note 

The Little Things……

I have come to realize that life is not really all the big milestone’s we celebrate but the journey that gets us there. Recently I was channel surfing and happened upon the Beauty And The Beast movie, wow did it put me right back to when my kids were small. All I could think about was three freshly bathed kids in onsies laying on the floor entranced by all the Disney wonder. I could actually smell there shampoo it was so vivid of a memory. I had that happen today as I was piddling in my yard, the smell of the Iris, the fresh cut grass, the pink rose that came from my Mom’s yard that just opened all had me reeling back to when I was five. My senses seemed on overload for some reason, as I opened my sunscreen all I think about was my Mom’s Coppertone she used that stuff in earnest. It’s funny how a simple smell can transport you back in time and have you remember such mundane fragments of our lives. But it’s funny I don’t really remember the bigger events, I couldn’t tell you what I did on my birthdays or what I got most Christmases, I do however remember my red galoshes, walking in the wet grass barefoot, my Dad teaching me to fix a broken shear pin on a boat motor, my Mom’s green old fashioned one piece bathing suit, the smell of the Stuffing she made every Thanksgiving, being afraid to swim in our pool after watching Jaws, being devastated every time we moved, and new school supplies every September. These quirky things are my story, the lining that ties it all together. I wonder what my kids will remember? Hopefully they carry with them their history and take the time to enjoy all the little things that eventually become the big things…..

2 thoughts on “40-ISH Insights

  1. Wonderful Pam….the smell of Hyacinths always bring my grandmother memories flooding back. Great blog

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