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Any Given Sunday…..

f4ca2524002211e2b2c322000a1e9e1f_5025I wake this morning…..nervous, excited, and psyching myself up for tonight’s Ravens game. I so look forward to September and the start of Football, in our neighborhood it is a religion. we come together in the “Man Cave” and live and die on every play. We all have our “assigned” seats, which we can not change for this may knock the stars out of whack for our team. We wear our jerseys proudly, we eat, we drink, we cheer , we cuss, we high five, we hug……we coach. This emotional roller coaster at this point in the season comes with lots of ups and downs, one game away from the Super Bowl. We sat here at this same time last year, same opponent (and I hate that stupid cut off sweatshirt their coach wears…just sayin ). So we gear up today for the rematch, we have done our trash talking, said our prayers, hoping we can ride the wave from last weeks amazing game against Denver. No matter the turn out, I am sad the season is winding down I will miss the weekly 3 hours that grown Men and Women can act like fools.

So good luck Ravens! It’s been a great season and thanks for the memories Ray Lewis, love him or hate him he is football, I hope today is his second to last game! I will wear #52 today proudly……..now let’s go kick some Patriot ASS!!!!!!!

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