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Growing Pains…….

My days off are exhausting……

The kitchen re-do is coming to a close. I finished painting and cleaning, cleaning and painting….


011What is it about getting emotionally attached to objects? I am really trying to commit to downsizing, how many wine glasses do I need….or plates, or lids that have no matching tubs to go with them?

Growing pains don’t necessarily mean getting bigger, in my case it means discarding crap! The emotional roller coaster that goes along with deciding which material belongings have what it takes to be worthy of my time to dust, which is a rare occurence is painful, brutal and exhilarating all at the same time. I am not sure why we place importance on material things, or why I find it so hard to discard meaningless baubles that clutter my existence. We tend to associate our memories with objects to somehow validate that they happened…..I know I attended 20 Wine Festivals do I need to commemorate each one with a cheap glass to prove I was there?

De-cluttering is therapeutic , filling garbage bags is cleansing in more ways than one….I wonder if I form these attachments because I don’t have a lot of material things from my childhood or family heirlooms. I have but a mere small collection of my Grandmother and Mother’s glassware, hardly enough to fill a shelf in a china cabinet. So I find it hard to let go of things that represent milestones or memories….the objects prove I lived…..

Progress made I eliminated the clutter…………...Glasses of the Masses!!


So here are some after pics of the kitchen AC (after clutter)………

027 028 025 026 023 024 016 022014Cheers!



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