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Mocha loves the new space.

Well it’s been quite a few years since I have posted anything, but hey… here I am. Since my last post years ago, we have downsized and moved to a cute little bungalow on the Choptank River. Built in the 60’s she is a paneled lover’s dream. I am not a panel lover nor will I ever be, but it has been nothing that about 20 gallons of paint couldn’t fix. What in God’s name did people in the 60’s have against electrical outlets? We literally have about 150 feet of extension cords running our home. I thought I would take you on a bit of a tour on what we have accomplished in a year. First up is my she porch.

Before. Not sure what they had growing in the brick planters that ran along all the walls.

It was basically gutted. We did channel some Chip Gaines with a sledge hammer on the brick, quite liberating. My first plan was to expand the porch about 10 ft., but the budget just was not going to allow it. We downsized tremendously with this move, like over 3,000 square foot so I tried to optimize the space with out really adding square footage which was the point in downsizing right? Luckily after demo the ceiling trusses looked pretty good and after some ship lap and paint the vaulted ceiling looked great. Add some new windows, slider and a fireplace and there you go my she porch came to life. We finished right before the holidays, so I am so anxious to enjoy it during the warmer weather.

Looking forward to showing you around the rest of our little fixer upper in future posts. We have completed most of the inside and I am waiting patiently to get outside to landscape around the porch. The weather in the Northeast has been so gloomy, wet and cold the last month, hopefully we will be turning a warmer sunnier corner soon.

Here’s to Spring! Can’t get here soon enough.


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