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All about the tile.

The white tile started out the same 60’s funk (funky pink). I painted them just to get me through until the reno.

One thing I have learned over the years is when purchasing furniture or major renovations is to go classic and buy the best you can afford or wait till you can. Trendy goes out of style rather quickly and that may be an easy fix when talking about wardrobes, but it can cost a fortune if you are talking big furniture or a tile bathroom.

After…. what is more classic than Subway Tile? This is a flush floor drain, can you see it/
I wanted a beachy cottage feel. I am in love with the floor tile.

Don’t mind the screen, this is the view from the shower.

4 thoughts on “All about the tile.

  1. Yes the floor goes directly into the shower, no ledge. Glass doors go down to the floor and the drain is hardly noticeable, it’s a long rectangle made out of the tile with small slits. I checked out your blog looks like yours is progressing.Nothing like a reno bathroom!!

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