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Over 52 and learning make up for the first time.

In a million years I never thought I would be doing make overs or selling make up at the age of 52. The post is not an advertisement I just want to make the point that you are never to old to start something new. Sometimes things just fall in your lap for unknown reasons. I am a believer that the universe gives you what you ask for, it may not be in the form of what you expect, but somehow, someway it just happens. Whether it is to teach…heal…or take you in a different direction you need to be open no matter how bizarre it sounds.
I have been in selfie hell, I would be the last person on the planet that you would expect to take and post selfies. You know what though, it has been good for me. It has been liberating and taught me not to take myself so seriously. We tend to get so caught up in comparing ourselves to others posts on social media, thinking that the staged photos we see on Instagram are a glimpse into someones real everyday life. You think “wow” they have it all together, they are so perfect. It’s a lie folks, a highlight reel is not real.

Be you, be present, learn, grow, laugh and stop comparing. Be grateful for your unique gifts and give that to the universe.



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