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Beachy Walls


Weird walls 101.

When you purchase a fixer upper with no inspection it is a crap shoot! Being on the water trumped whatever hidden nightmares we would come across. So far we have been pretty lucky. We have lived here for over a year and minus updating we don’t have any major structural or mechanical issues.

I posted some of our updates and wanted to show my husband’s handy work on our back wall in our bedroom. The 60’s bungalow is mostly all paneling. I have painted pretty much every square inch, but the wall behind our bed was in rough shape. Termite, water damage and a necessary electric upgrade made it impossible to just paint.

Strolling through Lowes one day I got lucky and found some driftwood ship lap on clearance. All about clearance especially when it comes to rehab projects. My husband cleaned up the damage as best he could and just ended up going over the existing paneling.

Total cost was about $150

I love the way the accent wall came out! The other walls are a driftwood gray. The window is one of those weird short ones they seemed to love from that time period. I don’t have window treatments on most of the windows facing the waterfront, but this one looks to the car port (another 60’s trinket) so I just threw up a single panel on a rod.



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