Cranberry Lime Vodka



Easy Infused Cranberry Lime Vodka

Use decorative bottles to make great Christmas gifts…..

Pierce fresh cranberries with a knife, add some Lime peels, fill 3/4 of the way full then fill with Vodka.

Make sure lid is secure and let sit for at least 2 weeks or up to 2 months.

I use mine with a splash of Cranberry Juice and some Ginger Ale, it’s a great Holiday Cocktail!


Easy Lazy Morning Quiche

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5 Large Eggs

1/4 cup Milk or Cream

2 tbsp. Sour Cream

1 Chopped Tomato

1 Cup Chopped Fresh Spinach

1/2 Cup Shredded Cheddar Blend Cheese

5 Slices Crumbled Cooked Bacon

1 Pie Crust

Easy Lazy Morning Quiche……

There’s nothing like a lazy weekend morning kickin around the kitchen.  This Easter morning I decided to throw together a quick Quiche with some ingredients I already had in the fridge.


Roll out unbaked pie crust in 9 inch pie pan

Whisk together milk, eggs, sour cream

Place crumbled cooked bacon, chopped tomato, spinach and cheese in bottom of pie crust, then sprinkle with salt & pepper

Slowly pour egg mixture on top

Bake 350 degrees for about 25 minutes…..

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Pistachio Pound Cake


Looking for a quick & easy St. Pats dessert? Found this on Pinterest and made it last night, the link didn’t go anywhere which I hate but the directions were posted under the pic. My version is pictured here …..

It was easy and came out really yummy and moist. I baked it for about 45 min. on 350 degrees.

The weather is kind of crappy here on the East Coast this St. Patrick’s Day so the Cabin Fever continues, I really can’t wait to get into my garden but that will have to wait.

Trying to figure out what to do today……maybe a little Bailey’s Irish Cream in my coffee……



Pinterest Passion

Oh how I would love to Pin my day away……I do admit I am quite jealous of the scant few who get to do this for a living. I have on occasion checked out the careers board on Pinterest and daydreamed of living out the second half of my life on the West Coast….sippin California Wine, doin a little Pinnin. Who gets to do this and get paid? It must be illegal!

  It’s intoxicating, strategically pinning the hours away wondering what pins will get the second look and have the almighty REPIN. I don’t have many obsessions but this is one, I can get lost in the endless boards of things I will never make and foods I will never cook, exercises of skinny people that will never be done, and let’s not forget all of the witty sayings that I wish I had the nerve to say. But hey, my boards are a window into the life I dream of, they hold images of all the things I wish I could do or be……what? wait a minute….that’s a waste….I can do these things. Why just Pin my dreams? Let’s look at this a different way.

Although I  don’t crave making every Nutella recipe known to man (what is it with the thousands of Nutella recipes anyway) I can try the Recipes that interest me, I can do the crafty things that I think I would like, I can paint my walls that awesome color I just pinned, I can live all those cutesy witty sayings that everyone thinks but never has the guts to say out loud, I can do all those exercises and have that rock solid body like that non-existent girl in the picture……ok the last one is a bit far-fetched but I can compromise and try the body cleanse drink recipe at least.

As with most things in my life I tend to always preface all my thoughts with” someday” the problem with this method is that you can spend your whole life never really living you just coast on fumes, never really being a participant. Now don’t get me wrong I have been blessed with lots of great moments, but sometimes I anticipate more than I participate if that makes sense, wow….that was deep….can I pin that? Sorry….back to my point. I refrained from making any Resolutions this year because quite frankly  I suck at keeping them, so why set myself up for failure. When I started blogging last year I was all about ” I am going to do this and I am going to do that, I am going to change this or be that….” I was so full of shit. I am the queen of good ideas, just don’t expect me to see them through. So this New Year I simply promised myself to be more “In the Moment” to try to DO not just BE.

Baby steps people… tangent has steered me way off course, my initial intention of this post was to talk about some of the things I have tried off of Pinterest …some successful, some …not so much. I don’t know about you but I have been much more aware of people’s reviews or remark’s on Pins in general. They can be quite helpful in deciding if I want to invest the time and money in trying something.

So here goes some basic easy peasy Recipe winners that I have actually tried and liked.

First up you can’t get any easier than these 2 ingredient dessert recipes, I have tried 2 and they are both hits with me….

Pumpkin Muffins- 1 box yellow cake mix 1 can of pumpkin…that’s it, mix them together and bake….they are moist and great for a quick Breakfast.


Pineapple Angelfood Cake-1 box Angelfood Mix- 1 can crushed pineapple in juice , mix together and  bake….


Now the reason I love these is because how much easier can it be than to have just these few ingredients on hand at all times for a quick last-minute dessert or snack.

And here is another easy winner….


This cake was easy and awesome!!! Big hit at my house!!

I have tried to post the original links for these so I hope I am giving correct credit….

These are just a few samples I hope to post some more Pinned success projects but don’t hold me to it, I am trying but I am a work in progress……

Pam and I am a Pinnaholic!