20lbs? in 2 Months????


Ok Vacation booked…….I have 2 months……..

Being a middle-aged pre-menopausel….wino, (makes me sound like a crazy raving lunatic) has taken my body to new level of muffin topness.

My goal by throwing myself under the bus here is to shame me into holding myself accountable. Yea, yea, yea I know shaming myself is not the way to go, I need to create a healthy lifestyle and stick to it. Whatever ….tell that to my bathing suits that have not left the 4 walls of their dresser drawer in 2 years.

I am a generally happy camper, the usual social butterfly, love my job, my husband, my kids (when they aren’t driving me to drink) so the one area of my life that occupies too much of my time in a negative way is my struggle my weight. I don’t over indulge really, but I do like my wine of course and the Creme Brulee at dinner last night was to die for but I am not a junk food junkie, don’t drink soda, love fruit and veggies and can tolerate a protein smoothie now and then, oh and did I mention I rode my bike twice this week? Yea I admit I hate exercise…..BUT I am going to commit to make a concerted effort to get moving.

So here I go…..it’s July 1st let’s see what I can do! The good news is if I can shed some baggage here I won’t need to buy new clothes for vacation, I have a closet full of new “I am gonna save these for when I lose weight clothes” .


Pam #wannabesize10

Cabin Fever

Garden Graveyard

Garden Graveyard

I sit here pondering the day after the “Big Snowstorm” that wasn’t……I almost feel sorry for the weatherman who put their reputations on the line on a constant basis. It’s like a crap shoot, 9 times outta 10 you’re not gonna hit it on the head! Then the poor shmucks go on the air or the social media outlets declaring how their forecast was a bust, but they take full responsibility for how they misread Mother Nature…..guys she’s a Woman, don’t you know by now that you will never understand her, she’s playing with you…What’s worse are the comments that ensue from the public, blaming them for the lack of snow, I would have liked a nice Snowstorm to close out the Winter but hey it is what it is.

Back to my pondering….as you can see in my garden pic, my green thumb is a little rusty. This time of year is always the same for me. I get the urge to be outside with my hands in the dirt, planting re-arranging, getting the screened porch ready for the season, but I need it to be at least in the 60’s to tackle outside chores. So here I sit Pinning and going through magazines, planning transforming my yard into an oasis. I love the change of Seasons this is why I could never live in a place like Florida, this does however require me to endure the “in between” times. The times when it’s just too cold to do anything outside and the times when it’s too damn hot to do anything outside.  Maybe I need a new hobby for these lulls in between.


Now that my kids are grown this is the extent of my Easter decorating….I did however re-do a little area of my kitchen into a reading nook.

004I removed my Oak pedestal table since we never use it , and added some chairs and a table my Hubby made. It’s a great place for coffee or Wine, to read or watch TV. I spend most of my waking hours in my Kitchen, it is literally the hub of the house.

So here’s to Spring and to “Bud Break”! To getting dirt under your nails, and oh of course to more daylight, don’t forget to turn back your clocks this weekend.



Duck Dynasty VS. Honey Boo Boo

Why do I find scruffy beard wearing, squirrel eating, redneck to the core men so charming?

I find it very curious that I have no problem watching endless marathons of Duck Dynasty and can’t stomach 5 seconds of that strange enigma they call Honey Boo Boo. I am not a Redneck by any means, I don’t hunt nor does any of my kids or my husband, now I did grow up in a hunting family. My Dad and brothers were avid hunters during my childhood but trust me the few times they took me the clay pigeons were safe! 

Some can argue that both reality shows lack class but I beg to differ. There is more class and integrity in the Robertson Clan’s dirty boots than will ever exude from freaks of nature that reside in the Boo Boo household. Who thought that was a good idea? They represent the deterioration of the white picket fence….and have replaced it with a rickety set of low values and poor hygiene.

I was a reluctant viewer of Duck Dynasty at first, but like anything else sometimes you just want to see what the hype is about, but Si had me at “Hey”….I must admit I do have just a little crush on Jase….the whole clan has mastered the camera and are surprisingly witty. The kids have manners, and I really don’t think that’s an act, they seem very genuine. The wives are beautiful and definitely break the mold of a Redneck woman. 

I can’t say that I have actually watched a full episode of Boo Boo…..but I have caught snip-its while channel surfing…and let me tell you needing subtitles to understand their gibberish astounds me. Please people wear some clothes that fit, take some of your new-found money and get a dentist and by all means put the fork down! 

No contest……I would hang out with the Robertson’s anyday…So I am looking forward to the return tonight. They make me Happy, Happy, Happy!!

Has anyone considered Wife Swap with these two families? Now that would be insane!!



Ravens In The Fog

67970_10200557668248624_1644720583_nWhat a sad world we live in….my son who lives in San Francisco and of course is a die-hard Raven’s fan has become part of a fan group called… Raven’s In The Fog. They have been meeting at a local Bar to watch this year’s amazing Raven’s ride.  Recently they have become national news including yesterday’s article in the Baltimore Sun.


Me in my own Raven’s fog has been enjoying seeing him in the paper and seeing other news outlets reporting on the story, they were also featured in an online story on WBAL.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I have to admit I had some concerns about my son being in “enemy territory” watching the Super Bowl. Well here comes the sad world we live in…..the group was forced or strongly encouraged by the San Francisco police department to cancel the event, they can not guarantee their safety.

I have mixed feelings about this….of course I worry that his good-natured “rooting for his team” may rub someone the wrong way, but really people? IT’S A FOOTBALL GAME!!!!!! When did cheering on your team become something that needed protection? Now I am as avid a fan as anyone, but it has never crossed my mind to hurl obscenities or punches at an opposing teams fan. My god we have a Redskins fan in the family. The transplant Raven’s fans living in San Francisco live there because they love it, they were not sent to destroy the 49ers fan base.

Can’t we all just get along?  I understand the strange predicament that the SF Police are in and I surely do not want any harm to come to my Son or any of the Purple contingent that call SF their home. But why can’t we have the freedom to cheer our favorite team on without worrying about our safety. Don’t we have bigger issues?

So here’s to you Raven’s In The Fog…..sorry your Event was taken away….I admire the passion you show your beloved Baltimore Raven’s ……Be Safe!!!