Truth Be Told……

Wisdom is wasted on the old.
Forgiveness is the greatest gift….to yourself.
Wallpaper is evil.
Diet Soda is the biggest lie ever told.
Worry is a useless emotion.
Reverse Psychology is underused.
First impressions are usually almost always correct.
Hunches should be trusted.
Champagne should always be on hand.
People who think they are better than you have something to hide.
Judging someone is a sure bet for karma to visit your doorstep.
Laughter cures most ills.
A good cry can cleanse your soul.
Learn from regret.
Being right does not always bring satisfaction.

Sometimes I think I am the sanest person I know.
Happiness doesn’t just happen, you have to work at it.
Loneliness is the start of many failed relationships.
“No” doesn’t require justification.
It’s better to ask for directions than to wander aimlessly.
Insomnia sucks.
If you have a fireplace, use it.
Never count on someday.
Target is awesome.
Walmart is a stage for all that is wrong with America.
Singing loudly in your car is therapeutic.
Dancing in your kitchen is cool.
No one’s perfect.
Wine is good.

Just some random thoughts…..

Let The Pre-Gaming of The Holidays Commence

It begins this time every year…….

Packing away the spooky decor of another Halloween I am beside myself with eagerness to unfurl my paper Turkey and proudly display my Woodland  Tree.  I like to slowly transform my home from Fall to Christmas starting right after the last pack of Smarties hit my husbands mouth, which is usually the day after Halloween.
It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that I live for this time of year. I love the sappy movies, the decorations, the weather….all of it just makes me giddy! As I write this I am enjoying the Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas  and let’s not forget the “Countdown to the real Countdown to the 25 days of Christmas” movies which will begin on November 19th on ABC Family. Unfortunately the time of year which is supposed to bring us together separates my husband and I to different rooms of the house, he can only stomach so much of the holiday drama that I can watch over and over again, I just can’t help myself.

I don’t attach a lot of sentiment in very many objects but I can’t help but smile when I take out my huge Pottery Barn Turkey plate that I bought in New York for $14.00 and lugged on the subway back to our hotel much to the displeasure of my daughters and best friend( hey this girl knows a good deal when she see’s it). The pine cone turkey that one of the kid’s made in grade school must take its rightful place on the jelly cupboard or it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving.

This time of year never lasts long enough for me, I am just not a Summer girl, it seems as though I live the entire rest of the year preparing for this season….At the first smell of a fire I feel like I come out of hibernation, mulled cider or wine for that matter even better,  beautiful leaves that  turn unbelievable colors, the sunsets and moon even take on different personalities…..

Even though the whole family being together at the same time is becoming quite the rarity with the kids starting to develop roots in different area codes, my motherly instinct needs to keep the status quo here on the home front.

So coffee in hand I will make the Cranberry Lime Vodka, line up my recipes for Thanksgiving and holiday treats, lose sleep over where the tree will go this year and relish in just breathing in the Autumn air.

In this time of turmoil for so many of our northern neighbors ravaged by the recent storm, and the vast population hoping for a brighter future I am hoping this season brings comfort and shelter and promise of better things to come…..

Lessons learned…….

I believe people  come in and out of our lives for a reason, some good …some bad….yet all to teach us something.  Teachable moments can come in all shapes and sizes, but are we listening? They can be big, small, loud or the faintest of whispers….

The tiniest of  “a-ha” moments can lead to life altering changes that you never saw coming. Weather it is a slow progression of events or a tidal wave that bowls you over, it is up to us to find the lesson and implement it’s purpose.

How we perceive people and their existence in our life are sometimes clouded by what we need from them. Our need might not necessarily be the driving force behind their existence in our circle but may be to give us a gentle nudge to look at things in a different light.

I often wonder this concept in reverse….whose life has been altered by something I said or did, positive or negative…have I ever influenced a change in someone? The older I get the more I realize that the paths we take have been steered by influences from others. What I now know is that we all need that subtle voice now and then to remind us that life is quite the classroom and the lessons  are there for the taking we just need to be willing to listen……

40-ISH Insights

When I look back on my childhood there isn’t a treasure trove of memories that flood my mind, only small tidbits that at the time seemed unworthy to take up prime real estate in the recollection part of my brain. For some reason today I was reminded of these little clips of my past that have somehow defined who I am. The small insignificant moments that somehow chartered our course, sometimes leading us to better things and sometimes altering our destiny. Just an innocent comment made in jest, a misconstrued action by someone you held in high regard can ultimately define how we live our lives. This made me wonder……. I am sure the little things that stand out in my past that effected me somehow don’t show up on the originator’s radar, but have I ever said or did something that has given pause to someone else’s life course? I hope not in a bad way, it did make me very aware that we must be more thoughtful of the content we put forth to one another.

On Another Note 

The Little Things……

I have come to realize that life is not really all the big milestone’s we celebrate but the journey that gets us there. Recently I was channel surfing and happened upon the Beauty And The Beast movie, wow did it put me right back to when my kids were small. All I could think about was three freshly bathed kids in onsies laying on the floor entranced by all the Disney wonder. I could actually smell there shampoo it was so vivid of a memory. I had that happen today as I was piddling in my yard, the smell of the Iris, the fresh cut grass, the pink rose that came from my Mom’s yard that just opened all had me reeling back to when I was five. My senses seemed on overload for some reason, as I opened my sunscreen all I think about was my Mom’s Coppertone she used that stuff in earnest. It’s funny how a simple smell can transport you back in time and have you remember such mundane fragments of our lives. But it’s funny I don’t really remember the bigger events, I couldn’t tell you what I did on my birthdays or what I got most Christmases, I do however remember my red galoshes, walking in the wet grass barefoot, my Dad teaching me to fix a broken shear pin on a boat motor, my Mom’s green old fashioned one piece bathing suit, the smell of the Stuffing she made every Thanksgiving, being afraid to swim in our pool after watching Jaws, being devastated every time we moved, and new school supplies every September. These quirky things are my story, the lining that ties it all together. I wonder what my kids will remember? Hopefully they carry with them their history and take the time to enjoy all the little things that eventually become the big things…..

Shame on you Matt Lauer

I usually steer clear of commenting on Current Events, Politics and Religion but I just can’t help myself today, I must rant! Did anyone happen to see the #Matt Lauer #Christie Brinkley interview on the Today Show this morning? Here I am expecting this to be another feel good uneventful interview and holy cow Matt went off the deep end. What in the world did this woman do to him? I completely understand that when you agree to go on a Talk Show you are putting yourself out there for shall we say uneasy questioning but this was an all out assault on this woman. Not only could she hardly get a word in edge wise Matt all but called her a horrible Mother. Shame on you Christie for wanting a career and life, shame on you for trying to deal with your fruitcake of an Ex in the broken court system, shame on you for divorcing your POS cheating husband! Come on Matt, she is not a criminal, not a politician….I am thinking she was feeling a bit like you did in the Tom Cruise interview a few years back. To ice the cake Hoda & Kathie Lee defended his remarks by saying Christie could use some counseling in forgiveness! Sad day for the Today Show, even if you are not a fan of hers it was uncomfortable to watch. The Today Show likes to do segments on bullying? I hope Matt Lauer’s wife schools her husband tonight. Speaking from experience, no one knows better than me  the catastrophic horror that a controlling narcissist can cause and the extent of the frustration of trying to take the high road putting you and your children’s welfare in the hands of a court system so ridiculously broken. Christie’s ex husband banks on the ignorance of people like Matt Lauer.

Here’s the link if anyone would like to watch.

Read The Labels!

After getting my lab results ….

I know we don’t like trudging to the Doctor’s office for our yearly poking and prodding but it is very important people! My yearly appointment always seems to become a stressful time for me, talk about White Coat Syndrome, I always have to wait in the Dr.’s office after my appointment for my BP to reach an acceptable level for them to release me back into the wild without feeling some sort of responsibility for me.

I have become very aware over the past few years how early detection of pretty much anything is a lot more manageable. Sometimes we tend to think if we ignore or live in denial that somehow we will never have to deal with things. WRONG!!  Anyway…. I get my lab results while I am at work yesterday and I pull it up on my computer (love technology) and someone I work with comes from a medical background happened to walk by, so I ask “Why are most of the numbers in red”? Ummm because they are “ALL OUT OF RANGE” she didn’t yell it really, just a little more of a wake up and smell the coffee tone.  Ok so I am over weight, my cholesterol high, my BP is high and I am in desperate need of some Vitamin D, all things I can control right? Then what am I doing? Unfortunately the only result in range was my Hormones, which I was really hoping were out of whack so I could use that to blame all my other issues on.

You know that Serenity Prayer “Accept the things you can not change, the courage to change the things you can, wisdom to know the difference” yadayadayada…. well wisdom is a strange bedfellow sometimes…very illusive….

I really have been making an effort recently to live a healthier lifestyle, reading labels and researching what is actually good for you and what is disguising as healthy is not always easy to figure out.

Case in point: Peanut Butter, I am attaching a link from a local Zumba Instructor/Personal Trainer who recently blogged about this subject, she explains it easily enough for even me to understand…

I imagine we can apply this to lots of foods on the market, less ingredients the better! I am loving this early Spring in hopes it will produce a quick bounty of veggies in my garden.

Lessons….. get your physicals….and have the courage to change what lies in your control…

Off to my Mammogram….my Boobs are stressing just thinking about it …  🙂

In Like A Lion…….

Hmmmmmm…… March! Wow, three months into the year already. My New years monthly resolution or shall I say revolution is trudging along.

Let’s recap:

January -De-clutter and Organize

Status: I have moved onto Junk drawers. I had stated previously that instead of one resolution I was going to add a new dimension every month to try to improve my quality of life…So January started my challenge to simplify my life by reorganizing and exorcising my home of unwanted unneeded clutter, keeping in mind that this would not be accomplished in thirty days I am still at it. My task today? Junk Drawers…lots of them….one in every room…some rooms two. What is it with people and the need to assemble these drawers that become the graveyard of useless stuff? If I had this assortment of every size battery known to man, why can’t I ever find one when I need it? Matches…oh so elusive yet I have enough to light twenty packs of cigarettes. Chapstick, remotes, birthday cards, rubber bands, paper clips, every manual to every appliance we ever owned except for the ones we still actually own…glue sticks that have turned to cement, cords that must go to something…right, we saved them…I know I have said to myself a million times, “Better save this you never know when I might need it”. Of course as soon as it hits the landfill I will need whatever it is I threw away. So I am sifting through all the leftover trinkets hidden in the dark recesses all over the house that I couldn’t bear to part with because ultimately they must have held some sentimental value or fell in the category of a useful thing you may one day need.

February: Healthy Eating…….ummm not so much. No weight loss as hoped, but yes I am definitely eating healthier. I am trying the no diet approach and focusing on eating well, protein shakes, veggies, fruit, single ingredient foods. No diet sodas or anything processed, no artificial sweeteners ( that crap is really not good for you) I am living by the “If I can’t pronounce it I can’t effectively digest it”motto. I do feel better and am going to be patient, hoping the new lifestyle will pay off.

March:Yard Work …Yes  I said it …I started cleaning out the garden this week and have well intended plans to redesign the landscaping…My good intentions hopefully will carry into July when my garden becomes neglected and ragged and I begin to lose the battle between weeds and vermin that ravish the fruits of my labor….my intention is to keep up my motivation through the summer, I may need to reenact a few scenes from Caddy Shack!

Staying motivated here in my little world!