20lbs? in 2 Months????


Ok Vacation booked…….I have 2 months……..

Being a middle-aged pre-menopausel….wino, (makes me sound like a crazy raving lunatic) has taken my body to new level of muffin topness.

My goal by throwing myself under the bus here is to shame me into holding myself accountable. Yea, yea, yea I know shaming myself is not the way to go, I need to create a healthy lifestyle and stick to it. Whatever ….tell that to my bathing suits that have not left the 4 walls of their dresser drawer in 2 years.

I am a generally happy camper, the usual social butterfly, love my job, my husband, my kids (when they aren’t driving me to drink) so the one area of my life that occupies too much of my time in a negative way is my struggle my weight. I don’t over indulge really, but I do like my wine of course and the Creme Brulee at dinner last night was to die for but I am not a junk food junkie, don’t drink soda, love fruit and veggies and can tolerate a protein smoothie now and then, oh and did I mention I rode my bike twice this week? Yea I admit I hate exercise…..BUT I am going to commit to make a concerted effort to get moving.

So here I go…..it’s July 1st let’s see what I can do! The good news is if I can shed some baggage here I won’t need to buy new clothes for vacation, I have a closet full of new “I am gonna save these for when I lose weight clothes” .


Pam #wannabesize10

My Own Backyard!

070 072 120 060 052 042003 024 124 Sometimes we take for granted what is right in front of us…..

I catch myself constantly planning ahead, not really living in the moment.

Today I did some late Spring cleaning, had the carpets cleaned, did the windows, spruced up my little bedroom balcony only to realize that I never take the time to enjoy all that I have right in front of me.

So here is the view from my own backyard.

You can catch the slightest glimpse of the Choptank River from my little perch, why I have not taken advantage of watching the sunsets from here escapes me. Glass in hand tonight I took in the view ….I watched the sun sink below the horizon of the tallest corn field I have ever seen.

I hope to do this more often, take in my surroundings, finish reading one of the many books on my nook, lounge on my raft, have a heart to heart with my loyal companions (they actually listen without interrupting), ride my bike, coffee on the porch and enjoy…..my own backyard…..150

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#schoolsout Memory Lane

As I sit drinking my coffee this morning and strolling through Facebook I am taken back to the hustle of the end of the school year I experienced with my own kids. Field Days, Award Ceremonies, Spring Concerts, Class Parties…….I see so many posts of the Joy of the last day and it puts me right back to the playground at Saints Peter & Paul waiting for my little blonde haired trio in navy blue shorts looking a bit more disheveled than their first day back in August to stroll out of their classes a little taller and hopefully a little wiser. I remember the relief of finishing another year, being so happy that there will be no more yelling to get out of bed tomorrow morning or scrounging up lunches and homework. Summer is not just a break for kids but a much-needed respite for Parents. I spent quite a bit of my kids Elementary years as a Single Mom and Summer was an extended vacation for me.

So as all you parents of young kids pick them up at the end of another year, enjoy your break…..sleep in….relish quiet mornings… REJUVENATE….trust me September will be here before you know it!!



Maryland Summer Sips!

Tis the season for Wine Tastings and Festivals…..

Don’t be so quick to grab that mass-produced California wine at the grocery store this Summer. With the onset of Wineries popping up in Maryland this is a great time of year to explore our own states viticulture.

I have to admit until I began working for a Winery here in Maryland I had never heard of the American Hybrids that we grow, more importantly I couldn’t pronounce them. Now that I have ventured to quite a few of Maryland Wine Festivals and had the opportunity to visit some of our local Wineries I have become a bit more versed in the Hybrid library. You will encounter Chambourcin, Vidal, and Traminette at most local Vineyards. Some will have more variety and grapes that you recognize but these 3 will become familiar to you the more you carouse the mid-atlantic region.

Now I am a bit biased and won’t miss the opportunity to throw in a shameless plug but I do have a few Maryland favorites. There are some great Summer Reds that are worth mentioning, not all Summer Wines need to be White. I love Boordy’s Chambourcin Merlot….http://www.boordy.com/



Insert shameless plug……..

Here at Layton’s Chance http://laytonschance.com/ we have a new release.. Picnic Red ….it is a light bodied Chambourcin perfect for Summer!



We also just released a Dessert Traminette and our seasonal Watermelon!

IMG_1466 (1) photo


There are lots of Events happening around Maryland this time of year, so plan a few road trips to see what’s going on in your own back yard.  Check out: http://www.marylandwine.com/learn-more/Maryland-Wineries-Association for a listing of Maryland Wineries and events.

We will be at the Annapolis Art & Wine festival this weekend……. http://annapolisartscraftsandwinefestival.com/www.theannapolisartscraftsandwinefestival.com/Welcome.html

This is a great venue to check out some local Wine and Craftsman all in one place.

Our annual Grape Blossom Festival held here at Layton’s Chance will take place June 15th. This is also a great opportunity to try some other Wineries all in one place and raise money for a good cause.


So the next time your out shopping for Wine check out the Maryland section…..

Happy Sipping!