Annapolis 4th of July!

162  I love my hometown of Annapolis, so I surprised my husband this 4th of July with a 2 hour sail on the Woodwind.

It was a beautiful day on the Bay!



The Woodwind sails from the Marriott dock near the Eastport bridge. (we found free parking just a few streets over the bridge, a short walk) Tickets were very reasonable $40.00 a person for 2 hours. Cash bar is available and they have some free snacks. The Woodwind boards right in front of Pusser’s, this was awesome, it gave us a chance for a couple of drinks before we boarded and to watch “Ego Alley” (boaters’ like to parade down this corridor toward the City Dock to strut their stuff).

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The crew was amazing, friendly and quick to strike up conversation. They allowed for some hands on experiences for those that were interested. We however chose to relax and take in the view. The weather was perfect for sailing and the Bay was very crowded with boats of every size.

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We got lucky and snagged a table at the outside bar at Pusser’s when we got back. Needless to say my over-indulgence yesterday is not helping my losing 20lbs. in 2 months quest.

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Parking over the Eastport bridge ended up being a smart move on my part. The parade started at 6:30 near the dock area and there was a throng of people heading in to stake out a spot to watch the fireworks so we had an easy exit through the neighborhoods of Eastport. This lead me by one of my childhood houses……funny story.



This is a picture of my old house on Van Buren. I remember this house fondly, great family neighborhood. Lot’s of afternoons spent playing red light green light, tag, dodge ball. Staying out till dark and the echo of parents calling the kids in for dinner. My only bad memory of this house was getting an old-fashioned spanking for jumping over my mother’s new Magnolia tree and breaking it in half (I still swear to this day it wasn’t me).  Well here is that house and TREE today!



Yep that’s the same tree, looks like it took the accidental pruning pretty well.

Happy July!



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