My Day ……Off

I am surely my Father’s Daughter…I find it very hard to do….nothing, although I would like to figure out how it’s done. I am reminded of a scene from

Eat, Pray ,Love”

where they are in the barber shop and the Italian is explaining to Julia Robert’s character how American’s don’t know how to RELAX, he referred to it as the art of doing nothing.

I was off today and unfortunately the weather here on the East Coast is still not conducive to me working outside. I decided to take a trip to our local Lowe’s and proceeded to wander the aisles for at least 2 hours. I needed some paint and a few odds & ends, I woke up this morning with a revelation to paint my kitchen on a whim. I lost track of time checking out lawn & garden accessories, rugs, lawn mowers, refrigerators, curtains, floor polish and a nice selection of bulbs that I decided would go very well in some of my pots, not in the ground mind you because of some pesky vermin who like to eat them.  Now this in itself would have been a stress free morning window shopping in a home improvement store if it weren’t for every employee (and let me tell you there was at least 2 for every section) wanting to know if they could help me. Don’t get me wrong I am the first to bitch when I have a question and can’t find anyone with a clue, but good grief can’t they see I am not seeking their vast knowledge at the moment. I just want to be left to my own devices, don’t hover over me waiting to pounce. I guarantee if I go in tomorrow with a specific question everyone will be out to lunch!

I came to the conclusion that my kitchen needed to be more neutral, the yellow was beginning to bug me, so khaki it is… is a few before shots….I just wasn’t feelin it.



I have builder grade cabinets that I painted years ago when we renovated and they needed some updating. I sanded the edges and added some glaze to weather them a bit, it’s hard to see that in the after pics but it really did make a difference. The walls in the after pics seem almost bluish but I assure you they are tan.016

015So this was my day off, I still have lot’s of painting to do but enough for today, and so my reward….

018Till the next project…Cheers!