In Like A Lion…….

Hmmmmmm…… March! Wow, three months into the year already. My New years monthly resolution or shall I say revolution is trudging along.

Let’s recap:

January -De-clutter and Organize

Status: I have moved onto Junk drawers. I had stated previously that instead of one resolution I was going to add a new dimension every month to try to improve my quality of life…So January started my challenge to simplify my life by reorganizing and exorcising my home of unwanted unneeded clutter, keeping in mind that this would not be accomplished in thirty days I am still at it. My task today? Junk Drawers…lots of them….one in every room…some rooms two. What is it with people and the need to assemble these drawers that become the graveyard of useless stuff? If I had this assortment of every size battery known to man, why can’t I ever find one when I need it? Matches…oh so elusive yet I have enough to light twenty packs of cigarettes. Chapstick, remotes, birthday cards, rubber bands, paper clips, every manual to every appliance we ever owned except for the ones we still actually own…glue sticks that have turned to cement, cords that must go to something…right, we saved them…I know I have said to myself a million times, “Better save this you never know when I might need it”. Of course as soon as it hits the landfill I will need whatever it is I threw away. So I am sifting through all the leftover trinkets hidden in the dark recesses all over the house that I couldn’t bear to part with because ultimately they must have held some sentimental value or fell in the category of a useful thing you may one day need.

February: Healthy Eating…….ummm not so much. No weight loss as hoped, but yes I am definitely eating healthier. I am trying the no diet approach and focusing on eating well, protein shakes, veggies, fruit, single ingredient foods. No diet sodas or anything processed, no artificial sweeteners ( that crap is really not good for you) I am living by the “If I can’t pronounce it I can’t effectively digest it”motto. I do feel better and am going to be patient, hoping the new lifestyle will pay off.

March:Yard Work …Yes  I said it …I started cleaning out the garden this week and have well intended plans to redesign the landscaping…My good intentions hopefully will carry into July when my garden becomes neglected and ragged and I begin to lose the battle between weeds and vermin that ravish the fruits of my labor….my intention is to keep up my motivation through the summer, I may need to reenact a few scenes from Caddy Shack!

Staying motivated here in my little world!


Ready For Spring!

As I watched the Sunset last night I realized how quickly this Winter  is fading into Spring.

With the onset of temperamental dramatic swings in temperatures and crazy storms as we have seen this week, the weather promotes my own desire to purge the house of all the final remnants of Winter and give Spring a little nudge. Not that I have much in the way of Spring decorations, my days of brightly colored plastic Easter Eggs and baskets are a distant memory now that the kids are grown, but the ever so slightest hints of a new freshness that Spring offers can be seen in the simplest of cupboards reminding us that soon the days will grow longer and watching the birds devour their annual mulberry feast will quickly be upon us.

Willey Road Send Off!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Friends, Family, Neighbors, ascended from near and far this past weekend to bid fair the well to my oldest who is once again setting his sights on the west coast! To send him off in Willey Road style we had a Nerd send off party. With a tech savvy theme all were dressed in the best nerd attire some with a  Trekky vibe. I was so impressed with how everyone ran with the idea, I almost believe some were wishing they could dress like this all the time, feeling very comfortable in their new skin!

Here on Willey Road we live and breathe the community milestones, many of us have raised our children together, celebrated birthdays, weddings, graduations and sadly mourned our losses, but we have done it together.  The saying “It Takes a Village” is alive and well here on our little cul-de-sac. All who have lived here seem to find their way back home eventually if only for a little while.

So off you go Nick….God speed , we know you will take Willey Road with you in your travels…..

Easy Decorated Valentines Cookies

My husband has a sweet tooth so these are his Valentines present!

Use your favorite sugar cookie mix, cut out hearts, ice cookies, decorate!

Resolutions Re-Visited…

Just a quick update on my brilliant plan of having a different resolution every month for a year (note to self…don’t post ridiculous things in black & white while drinking!)  Anyway…January I choose to work on de-cluttering and de-kidding my house.  As I said this is not a job that can be completed in a mere thirty days, but I have made some small yet noticeable strides.  My closet, bathroom and laundry room have been tweaked a bit.

As January came to a close I  was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get more done, but I am better off than I was and some improvement is better than none…right?

Onto February……, my newest latest addiction is Pinterest, if you haven’t discovered this yet you are missing out on some great moments of your life being sucked into lost hours of unlimited endless ideas on anything and everything you can think of. This virtual pinboard of all your want to do recipes, DIY projects, vacations you want to take, dream  kitchens I would never have the pleasure to clean let alone cook in…..phew. …it’s simple really it’s all of the things that interest you pinned on your on personal boards for easy retrieval and access. Yes my friends this is another follow, be followed kind of obsession, but I can’t help myself, Facebook has taken a back seat to this dream board visionary phenomenon.

Back to February….I am using this month to modify my spending at the grocery store, along with trying to buy and make healthier affordable meals, make some DIY home products to live a more efficient simpler life. How does this tie to Pinterest did you say? Well …..I have found some great projects, recipes and all around great ideas there. How to make bulk Laundry detergent, hand soap, body wash to name a few.

I will give props to My new BFF Jen  for turning me onto this little gem.

Bulk Fabric Softener:

1 Bottle of your fav Fabric Softener



I used a large glass jar, filled it with the softener, added water to top. Cut up a sponge and added to the jar. Now squeeze out excess liquid and throw sponge in the dryer with every load of laundry. Insert sponge back into jar for re-use! This should last quite a while and save me some bucks!

I have already used this to also freshen up pillows and blankets, love it! I think I will Pin this too!!

Check it out

Need an invite let me know..Happy Pinning

Do You Ever……

Do you ever remember yourself in those empty closed businesses you pass, the video store, an old favorite restaurant, a gift shop?  As I was driving yesterday it became sadly apparent to me all the places I use to go that are now standing vacant waiting for a new generation of people to dream new life into them.  A sign of the times I suppose, the economy or the advancement of new technology that makes some things obsolete whatever the reason these empty monuments stand as reminders of our past.  Parking lots full of cars are now replaced with a “For Sale” sign and overgrown landscaping.  As I see the numerous chain restaurants popping up on our local highway I feel somewhat sorry for the empty buildings that grace the downtown area being snubbed for the draw of the high traffic areas sought out by big business.

Next time you have the chance… shop the small town, buy a coffee from the little coffee shop, support someones entrepreneurial dream……