Norton Wine Reception

I have to admit sometimes I miss catering……not enough to go back into the restaurant business mind you, but I sometimes get the urge to whip something up for the masses. Working at a Winery occasionally gives me the chance to tap into my love for food. I had that chance today trying to pair some light fare to go with a Norton Wine our Wine Maker released today. The limited supply  gave cause for a small reception for our Wine Club members to taste and buy. This particular Wine was interesting to me and has become a prime example of how aging of a Wine can totally transform and enhance its flavor. It is a 2011 vintage which may not really be that old but let me tell you what a difference in taste from the first time I tried it. Over the past year we have sampled it at Tasting Trials and all I could think was “This tastes like dirt” to put it nicely……Wanting to be more diplomatic I changed my description to “Earthy“….much more acceptable.  This Native American  Earthy Red has grown on me, after tasting it today  I am a true fan!!!  The Norton Grape has a interesting story to tell if you get the chance check out it’s origin…..great story.

027 This is our Wine Maker, William Layton                       Layton’s Chance Winery

021 018 017 016 012 010 This Norton Wine proved to be a bit of a challenge to pair: I went with Pulled Bison, Brie with Honey Walnut Sauce, Garlic Herb Bread with Unfiltered Olive Oil, Caprese Bites, Smoked Summer Sausage, Hard Salami, Smoked Almonds……and yes Red Velvet Truffle Brownies from a Pinterest Recipe. If you are looking for a Valentine’s dessert these are scrumptious and look quite dramatic.