Duck Dynasty VS. Honey Boo Boo

Why do I find scruffy beard wearing, squirrel eating, redneck to the core men so charming?

I find it very curious that I have no problem watching endless marathons of Duck Dynasty and can’t stomach 5 seconds of that strange enigma they call Honey Boo Boo. I am not a Redneck by any means, I don’t hunt nor does any of my kids or my husband, now I did grow up in a hunting family. My Dad and brothers were avid hunters during my childhood but trust me the few times they took me the clay pigeons were safe! 

Some can argue that both reality shows lack class but I beg to differ. There is more class and integrity in the Robertson Clan’s dirty boots than will ever exude from freaks of nature that reside in the Boo Boo household. Who thought that was a good idea? They represent the deterioration of the white picket fence….and have replaced it with a rickety set of low values and poor hygiene.

I was a reluctant viewer of Duck Dynasty at first, but like anything else sometimes you just want to see what the hype is about, but Si had me at “Hey”….I must admit I do have just a little crush on Jase….the whole clan has mastered the camera and are surprisingly witty. The kids have manners, and I really don’t think that’s an act, they seem very genuine. The wives are beautiful and definitely break the mold of a Redneck woman. 

I can’t say that I have actually watched a full episode of Boo Boo…..but I have caught snip-its while channel surfing…and let me tell you needing subtitles to understand their gibberish astounds me. Please people wear some clothes that fit, take some of your new-found money and get a dentist and by all means put the fork down! 

No contest……I would hang out with the Robertson’s anyday…So I am looking forward to the return tonight. They make me Happy, Happy, Happy!!

Has anyone considered Wife Swap with these two families? Now that would be insane!!